18 Metallica facts learned on the road with Lars Ulrich

There is a huge interview with Lars Ulrich in one of the Danish newspapers. It was published on 27th June as an introduction to Metallica’s 5-sold-out-shows in Copenhagen in July 2009 for Death Magnetic World Magnetic tour.

One Danish journalist followed Lars Ulrich for over ten days in June 2009. From Mexico City, to San Francisco, to Copenhagen, to Oslo… several interesting things came out from these days and this is the collection of best (some knows and some unknown) facts about Metallica and Lars Ulrich.

  • Lars Ulrich lives in Tiburon, California

Metallica's Lars Ulrich house Tiburon California

  • Lars Ulrich no longer uses bodyguards as it attracts too much attention and he wants to be available to the fans
  • Metallica has a full-time staff of 83 people
  • When on tour the staff is between 400 and 500 people
  • World Magnetic Tour turnover is around 60 million US Dollars
  • Personal assistant named Barbara does everything for Lars. Puts a watch on his wrist, turns on his computer, etc
  • Lars’ kids have a Danish nanny
  • Metallica’s transportable restaurant is called “Cyanide Cafe”
  • Lars Ulrich stopped using cocaine two years ago
  • Lars Ulrich eats pizza without cheese right after each concert
  • Doesn’t eat beef because of high cholesterol numbers

Metallica's Lars Ulrich kitchen

  • Metallica uses a private airplane when on tour. Blue and white colors. Rented. Space for 13 people.
  • On the trip from Mexico City to San Francisco Lars Ulrich watched Deep Purple DVD.
  • James Hetfield was pissed off at all the autograph requests in Mexico City. Didn’t talk much in the plane. Was drinking tea and watched movie Day of Wrath of Carl Theodor Dreyer. He thought the movie was boring and said 7 words during the flight of 6 hours: »Otte, ni, nul. That is Danish, right?«
  • They land in San Francisco at 6.30 in the morning. Robert Trujillo goes directly to pick up him kids to drop them off at school.

Lars Ulrich and his kid using Apple Macbook

  • Lars Ulrich’s favorite restaurant in San Francisco: Betelnut at Union Street.
  • Lars has a dog Dexter, named after Dexter Gordon.
  • Lars Ulrich likes to hang out with wealthy people and has Peter Coyote as one of close friends. Also a son of an oil billionaire is Lars’ close friend.

Lars Ulrich runing