Beyond Magnetic EP

Beyond Magnetic EP

Beyond Magnetic EP is Metallica release of 4 unreleased Death Magnetic songs.

Rob Trujillo said: “We wrote a total of 25 songs, recorded 14 and chose 10 for the album. We butted heads on some of them. And we hated to see some go. One in particular we didn’t include on the album because it wasn’t finished. But I think it would have been the most brutal and hard song Metallica has ever written.”

With Beyond Magnetic EP you can hear 4 studio versions that didn’t make it onto Metallica’s Death Magnetic.

Beyond Magnetic EP tracklist and lyrics:

  1. Hate Train (6.58)
  2. Just A Bullet Away (7.10)
  3. Hell And Back (6.57)
  4. Rebel Of Babylon (8.02)

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