Justin Bieber on Metallica: One and Fade To Black are my jams

In Paris, for a TV appearance promoting a controversial collaboration with Lou Reed, word comes through that a fan wants to meet them. But not just any fan – it is teen sensation Justin Bieber.

The only trouble is, he’s been visiting Disneyland and his car has broken down. Metallica singer and guitarist James Hetfield snorts with incredulity. “Justin Bieber can drive?”

There is much guffawing in the Metallica camp but drummer Lars Ulrich is genuinely disappointed. “Can you imagine that picture? Metallica, Lou Reed and Justin Bieber! We could have put it out that this is our next project. The fans would go f—ing crazy! People already accuse us of betraying metal by working with Lou. Wait till they hear what we can do with Bieber!” Read the full article.

Justin Bieber is a big fan of Metallica. In recent GQ interview he talk about his love for Fade To Black, One and other pre-Black Album songs:

We talk music, and he mentions his love for pre–”Black Album” Metallica—”One,” “Fade to Black.” “Those are my jams,” he says. At last, we’ve got something in common.

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