Australian and Asian tour rumor as Lars Ulrich plans 2010

Australia and New Zealand Metallica World Magnetic tour dates have now been confirmed!

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich has talked to the Rolling Stone about the World Magnetic tour in support of Death Magnetic and the future plans for the tour. “We’re booked up through August of next year, and right now we’re sort of laying out Fall of ‘09 and the Spring of ‘10. We’re waiting for a few other countries to be actually formalized as nations so we can be the first band in. We’re also waiting for the polar caps to stabilize so we can go play there. There’s talk about some other planets too.”

Confirmed tour dates at this point in time for 2010 are South America and Europe. See Metallica South American and European 2010 tour dates here.

Rumor has it that Metallica will announce Asia/Australia tour concerts for late  2010. See more on Metallica’s Australia and Asia tour 2010.

“It’s great to be back indoors,” says Metallica’s Lars Ulrich. “We’re right in the thick of it in the middle of the arena. It completely exposes every nuance and that adds a real tone of vitality and excitement.”

Metallica setlist changes from night to night on the World Magnetic tour, but Metallica always end with 1983’s Seek And Destroy. “We’ve probably ended our last 200 shows with that song,” says Metallica’s Lars Ulrich. “The 17 or 18 songs before that get mixed up every night, to the point of ridiculousness. So having a slight bit of predictability at the end gives people the chance star thinking about putting their coats on and remembering what fucking parking lot they were in.”

For more info on the Metallica’s World Magnetic tour setlist check out reviews from Metallica’s USA concerts here and another Metallica gig review here.

“But we just figured that with all the love for Death Magnetic, and all the love for all the back to the old style and all that, now’s a great time to play all those like, all those commercial Load and ReLoad songs. We played a song from St. Anger you’ve got to give St. Anger some love. A guy was doing an interview from a couple of weeks ago said, ‘You know that album? You know an album called Born Again?’ Of course I do. Black Sabbath, Zero the Hero, one of the best Black Sabbath albums. He goes ‘exactly, that’s exactly my point.

In twenty years from now, St Anger will be Black Sabbath’s Born Again’ ‘Cos when Born Again came out, everybody hated it, and now it’s one of the most revered Black Sabbath albums. You wait and see, St Anger will be Born Again.

Listen, you know, in ‘04, the first show in Phoenix, we started this sing called Live Metallica, which is the dot com or something, where you go and you can download show but within two days of when we played it. Since that show, we haven’t played the same set list twice. And we’ve played probably what, two hundred shows since then, so every night we change the set list, and that’s kind of what keeps us alive and keeps it interesting, because you do different stuff every night. On the St. Anger tour we probably pulled from maybe sixty songs every night, so every night’s different, and that’s what we’re planning on doing. But you know, remember that on the never ending tour in the nineties, we played so much black album, Load, Reload stuff. Then on the St. Anger tour and since then, we’ve played so much of the stuff from the eighties because we played so much of the stuff from the nineties.

We’re looking forward to, we’ve got Machine Head with us in America, we’ve got Lamb of God coming. We’re kind of, we’re splitting it up to a bunch of smaller legs and so we’re gonna take Machine Head for a while, Lamb of God for a while, Down for a while.

Maybe at some point later, take Masted I mean we want to, all those bands are so cool, we wanna try and get them all out there and get our fans turned on to them and so on. We are, there’s a band from Austin Texas called The Sword, who is gonna be the opener for most of the tour, because they’re just so cool that they have to stay with us the whole time. And then we’re gonna rotate, we’re actually gonna take two bands with us, which we’ve never done before, which is great to try and just give back to the kids, get as bands an opportunity to come out and play with us. So The Sword’s gonna open for most of it, and then we’re gonna rotate the middle slot, it’ll be cool.”